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Your AI Sidekick

AI Copilot

ChatGPT's potential as a personal assistant is undeniable, but its reliance on prompt engineering and limited accessibility hinders its real-world impact.

AI Copilot unlocks the full potential of ChatGPT for your everyday workflow. Our Copilot equips you with a curated arsenal of pre-built CS prompts, customized to meet your specific needs and add context and convenience on any web app.

Stop relying on external tools to drive innovation and change, use our AI assistant. Build an internal Copilot with PixieBrix and embed it in your existing internal tools to let users prompt AI and ChatGPT from any web app.

  • Improve your response time and accuracy
  • Boost your research and writing with instant content generation and summarization
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Instant Answers

Enterprise Search

Empower teams with the power of enterprise search for seamless information retrieval and enhanced decision-making. Seamlessly integrate across web apps and workflows for optimal collaboration and efficiency.

Build a knowledge base with PixieBrix to function as your sole source of truth, making FAQs available at your team’s fingertips wherever they work. No more opening new tabs to search for documentation—your team can access on demand. Go from idea to automation in minutes with our prebuilt template for recommended systems. Rapidly build generative AI features to suggest responses, help articles, troubleshooting tips, and more.

  • Reduced resolution times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Enhanced knowledge base quality
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Onboard Teammates Faster

AI-Powered Decision Trees

Supercharge agent speed-to-production by providing step-by-step guidance and eliminating knowledge-base hunting, making even newbies to customer service heroes in a flash.

Clear-cut paths through complex issues, offered by decision trees, empower agents to handle calls confidently, reducing average handle time and maximizing customer satisfaction.

By pinpointing issues faster and minimizing unnecessary repairs, decision trees help IT teams slash maintenance costs and maximize equipment uptime.

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Make Everyone a Great Communicator

AI Writing Assistant

Build an AI writing assistant for your team that works across any web app. Incorporate into any web-based process or workflow.

  • Build an AI writer and AI text editor for each team and function with one deployment. Let teams customize their prompts and target audiences from a spreadsheet without requiring developer intervention.
  • Build writing assistants to streamline any team process and ensure brand continuity. PixieBrix works in Zendesk, Gmail, or wherever you’re writing; plug PixieBrix into any tool, and your team can utilize AI writing generator where they work.
  • Go from idea to automation in minutes with our AI text generator. Rapidly build generative AI features, collect user input, send to other tools, and deploy to your team.
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Better Service, Happier Customers

To set the pace in CX, the TaskUs team required more intuitive, more informative, and purpose-built web interfaces for several key marquee clients – all with the goal of improving agent workflows while still ensuring customer satisfaction.


Agents Onboarded


Decrease in AHT


CSAT Improvement


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80% Faster Processing Speed

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40% Higher Agent Productivity

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Automated Workflows Drive 50% Growth

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