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The fastest way to embed AI and automation into your existing applications and workflows.
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Copilot in Every Tab

Automation Copilot

PixieBrix makes your AI Copilot available in every browser tab from the browser sidebar. This makes it easy for humans to interface with Copilot from existing web apps, websites, and internal web-based tools. PixieBrix can also pass context from the webpage (e.g., a customer name) making Copilot more intelligent and useful in the flow of work.

UI for API Tasks

API Interface

Integrate with API Tasks for convenient automation in any web app. Whether you’re pushing information to another system (e.g., creating a service ticket) or fetching information on demand (e.g., querying a knowledge base), PixieBrix provides a flexible user interface with a variety of UI components to fit your process. Great for internal tools in Customer Support, Contact Center, IT Help Desk, and more.

Engage with RPA Anywhere

RPA Interface

PixieBrix extends RPA’s capabilities to support a wider range of attended automation use cases and deployment scenarios by giving humans a way to interact with RPA in their everyday workflows. Common use cases patterns include:

  • Just-in-time access: retrieve information from an application in a way that's secure and auditable
  • Navigational efficiency: automatically navigate to a screen even when deep linking is not available
  • Information retrieval/overlay: enrich any webpage with external context through 3rd-party services, AI, etc.
  • Duplicate processes: updating a record (e.g., change of address) in multiple systems from a single system
  • Data capture: collecting customer feedback and other data in real time that can’t be recorded in the existing system

Alerts that never get missed

Browser Alerts

Push announcements to the web browser so humans can engage with automations in real time. Great for enhancing Co-Pilot, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and other human-in-the-loop automations and workflows.

Digital COEs get results with PixieBrix

To set the pace in CX, the TaskUs team required more intuitive, more informative, and purpose-built web interfaces for several key marquee clients – all with the goal of improving agent workflows while still ensuring customer satisfaction.


Agents Onboarded


Decrease in AHT


CSAT Improvement


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RPA integration partners

We provide incredible versatility in the customizations and integration extensions you can build, to drive more efficiency through attended automation.
Run Automation Anywhere bots and AARI (robotic interface) requests with context from the page using PixieBrix.
Explore Automation Anywhere Integration
Run UiPath processes with context from the page with our UiPath Automation Cloud and Assistant integrations.
Explore UiPath Integration
Combine the user-friendly, web-based customization of PixieBrix with the extensive workflow automation features of Power Automate.
Explore Microsoft Power Automate Integration
Robocorp is the leading Python-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. Use PixieBrix & Robocorp to enable seamless attended automation.
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Developers love PixieBrix

This is the most useful extension I've used on the browser to be honest, the amount of possibilities is just fascinating and their team is super helpful.
Yousef Ashraf
Software Engineer
One of the best browser extension with building & DOM manipulation capabilities. Really love the integrations that PixieBrix provide. Great tool to automate some browser-based tasks, within an app or even across apps.
Dipendra Shekhawat
Principal Architect - RPA
I wouldn't be surprised if 5 years from now it's commonplace to head to the PixieBrix Marketplace for value-add mods that enrich the user experience on common web applications.
Micah Smith
VP, Community & Learning
The solution was mind-blowing for me. I love anything that creates shortcuts for the end user, which is why RPA is a dream to me. Coupling this with RPA is brilliant! Almost like a “duh” moment for the tech space.
Ashley Pruitt
Sr. Engagement Manager - RPA

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