BusPatrol Leverages PixieBrix for Enhanced Processing Speed and Accuracy

BusPatrol partners with PixieBrix to increase the speed and accuracy of processing school bus stop-arm violations. With PixieBrix, BusPatrol leverages automation to power its AI and quality control team to process a high volume of violations at industry-leading speed and accuracy.


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"PixieBrix transformed our cost structure to an industry low. The productivity gains have materially impacted our bottom line."
Karoon Monfared


BusPatrol is a safety tech company based in Virginia that equips entire school bus fleets with stop-arm enforcement technology. Through data collection and video monitoring, BusPatrol collaborates with law enforcement to reduce stop-arm violations. BusPatrol has installed its SafetyTech on over 20,000+ school buses across North America. Enforcement at this scale involves high data volume, velocity, and variability to process violations, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount.


PixieBrix supports this mission by augmenting existing web applications with several enhancements, including automation, AI, and decision trees. PixieBrix is a low-code solution that embeds automation, integrations, collaboration, and AI into any web application. With PixieBrix, BusPatrol enhances and automates the agent process of matching license plates with registered vehicles and drivers, implements guardrails to drive accuracy, automates manual steps in the ticketing workflow, and guides agents with decision trees.



By using PixieBrix, BusPatrol can effectively guide agents through processing. This frees up its employees to focus on more complex tasks, such as investigating violations and working with law enforcement. As a result, BusPatrol can process violations more quickly and efficiently, which helps to improve school bus safety.

The Future

Since bringing on PixieBrix, BusPatrol has scaled to over 100 agents with many use cases that drive speed and accuracy.

The Future

Since bringing on PixieBrix, BusPatrol has scaled to over 100 agents with many use cases that drive speed and accuracy.
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