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PixieBrix helps talent acquisition managers to assess and evaluate candidates easily, HR managers to onboard new employees efficiently and quickly, and improves the employee experience for individuals learning the ins and outs of their new role.
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Acquire the right talent efficiently

The best recruiting software will overhaul your acquisition and hiring process and lead to a pipeline full of the best talent and an efficient recruiting cycle. From sourcing to screening to following up, PixieBrix will help streamline your process. Working side-by-side in (and oftentimes improving) the tools you already use, PixieBrix improves sourcing, outreach, and aggregation.

Effective learning

To remain competitive and compliant, you need to invest in employee training. Training can take on many different flavors, from soft skills, product training, security and compliance, to something as simple as setting up your OOO. Never worry about learning & development for your employees ever again with PixieBrix.

Improve employee experience

As an HR professional, your role can seem like a constant cycle of finding the right candidate, interviewing them, onboarding them, then starting from square one with a new candidate. With PixieBrix, we don't stop at the candidate, we focus on the entire tenure of the employee from recruitment to onboarding to development to ensure they have the best possible experience. We make your life easier by making the basics of work easy and efficient.

I wouldn't be surprised if 5 years from now it's commonplace to head to the PixieBrix Marketplace for value-add mods that enrich the user experience on common web applications.
Micah Smith
Developer Evangelist, Automation Anywhere
I started using PixieBrix because it’s a flexible solution to transform web content into what the user actually needs. The perfect solution for last mile delivery of analytics and APIs.
Henrik Kühnemann
Co-founder and CEO, Yellownape AB

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