Writing Assistant

Use template

Use this template mod to have ChatGPT help you with your writing from any page in your browser.

Activate the template

You can activate with a single click and try this mod out right away.

You'll see a message letting you know the Writing Assist template is ready to use!

Try it out

If the PixieBrix Sidebar is open, click the Writing Assist tab at the top of the page. If the SIdebar is not open, you can open the Writing Assist tab in one of the following ways:

With the Writing Assist tab open, select some text on the webpage, like this paragraph:

Automation refers to the use of technology, specifically software, machines, AI, and other automated systems, to perform tasks that would usually require human intervention. This encompasses a broad range of applications, from manufacturing processes, where robots do jobs previously done by human labor, to software products that can automatically schedule appointments or respond to emails. Automation offers multiple benefits such as increased efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and cost savings, as machines can work faster and make fewer mistakes than humans. However, it also raises important questions about the future of work and employment, as more tasks become automated and the demand for human labor potentially decreases.

You'll see the text populate at the top of the Sidebar.

Click one of the actions to adjust the selected text, such as Shorten. (You can choose from other options by clicking the More Shortcuts option.)

The sidebar will display the adjusted text, based on the action you selected.

You can click Retry if you don't like the output, or click Insert to set the text at your cursor.

Out of the box, this mod will run with our preset actions. Want to customize with your own goals and shortcuts? Keep reading!

Prep a spreadsheet with your custom goals and shortcuts

You're welcome to copy and use this Google Sheet template.

✅ Think of each row as a rule.

Goal type is used when you ask AI Copilot to improve writing.

Shortcut type makes a button that will perform a specific prompt on the text.

✅ Adding a row? Add an id that's +1 from the above row.

❌ Don't change the Headers (Row 1)

❌ Don't remove any columns

❌ Don't change the Sheet name (Sheet1)

Export your spreadsheet as a CSV.

Create a database

Once you've created your spreadsheet as a CSV, go to the PixieBrix Personal Databases section of the Admin Console.

Click the blue Create Database button in the top right corner, give your database a name, then click the Create Database button.

Click the Upload button in the top right corner, choose your CSV, then click Upload.

Reactivate the template

Click to reactivate, and select the database you created.

Choose the database and then click Finish Activating.

Now open the Writing Assist tab and you'll see your custom actions.

Happy building! 🧱 If you need any help, use the live chat in the bottom left of the page, send an email to support, or head to the PixieBrix Slack Community.

Use this template to create a decision tree.

Step 1/7

Step 1

Activate The Template
Step 2/7

Step 2

Configure Your Template
Copy The Existing Google Sheet
Step 3/7

Step 3

Build Your Decision Tree Using Google Sheets
Step 4/7

Step 4

Once Sheet Is Filled, Return To Template And Finish Activating
*Ensure you have selected your spreadsheet from the dropdown
Step 5/7

Step 5

Your Decision Tree Is Ready, Click Ok to Begin Using
Your Decision Tree Is Ready, Click Ok to Begin Using
Step 6/7

Step 6

Click "Start Decision Tree"
Step 7/7

You're All Set!

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