Team Announcements

Use template
This tutorial walks you through activating the PixieBrix Announcements mod, viewing announcements, and creating an announcement.

Activate the Team Announcements Template

Click the button to activate!

Click Ok at the bottom of the sidebar, and then select the Announcements tab to view notifications.

You'll see a list of preset announcements in the sidebar, with the ability to mark as read or to read more.

Announcements can be customized with markdown formatting so you can style them to your liking. You can also specify pinned notifications that will persist at the top of the sidebar.

Create your own announcement

To test out the Announcements mod, you may want to create your own announcement and force acknowledgement to view our most powerful feature.

Click the Create Announcement button at the top of the sidebar.

Fill out the form with details, like title and description.

Leave the group field blank, and choose Yes to require acknowledgement.

Click Submit and soon you'll see the announcement appear and block any actions in your browser.

Congrats! Ready to set it up for your team? 

Talk to an onboarding specialist to learn how to set up Announcements for your team.

Use this template to create a decision tree.

Step 1/7

Step 1

Activate The Template
Step 2/7

Step 2

Configure Your Template
Copy The Existing Google Sheet
Step 3/7

Step 3

Build Your Decision Tree Using Google Sheets
Step 4/7

Step 4

Once Sheet Is Filled, Return To Template And Finish Activating
*Ensure you have selected your spreadsheet from the dropdown
Step 5/7

Step 5

Your Decision Tree Is Ready, Click Ok to Begin Using
Your Decision Tree Is Ready, Click Ok to Begin Using
Step 6/7

Step 6

Click "Start Decision Tree"
Step 7/7

You're All Set!

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Now you can clone this project and reuse the form.
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