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The use case possibilities are countless. Learn how PixieBrix is used today to improve UX experience and web app enjoyment. Check out our Airtable, OpenAI, and Google Sheets integrations.
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Send selected data to another system
Add an action button or QuickBar to send “escalation” data to another app or to “Tweet from anywhere.”
Perform a lookup and transformation from another system
Search for market pricing and apply a currency conversion within the page.
Trigger a new templated message
Select from pre-scripted messages, and add in a custom note to send to another app.
Add process guardrails
Trigger an alert or notification to confirm, or flag a process step to improve compliance.
Include real-time charts in a sidebar
Add dynamic data visualization to a sales, CRM, or marketing app page.
Trigger automation workflows
Add in new actions that can manually trigger an RPA agent for “attended automation.”

The Power of PixieBrix: 20 Ideas in 4 Minutes…

"After creating these shortcuts and new workflows with PixieBrix, I think every day I am saving around 2-3 hours."

— Levi Barbosa
Developer for Talent Operations, Nubank

Highlights from our latest hackathon...

Check out some interesting and varied use cases that emerged from our 2022 PixieBrix Hackathon. It’s a great way to get the ideas flowing!

Trigger automation to replace manual tasks

A PayPal merchant customization that integrates with Automation Anywhere to bulk print shipping labels.

Create a web clipper to organize info elsewhere

This one-click customization clips info in a GitHub repository and organizes it in a Notion database.

Enable last-mile delivery for AI and APIs

This example uses AI to generate replies by mood, based on the content of the original message or post.

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